But they do serve one or two very important functions. These hillside lifts, as their names suggest, are going to be stationed outside of the property that has been built on a steep slope. What could be weird and wonderful about these hillside lifts? In different parts of the country, along rural outskirts and with the best country views possible, these lifts are used to add to the tourist attraction. It’s being used by guest lodges and five-star boutique hotels.

Owing to infrastructural logistics, it makes more practical sense to place these lifts on the outside of the building. But the caveat, call it the blessing in disguise, is that whilst guests are traveling in their hillside lifts, they’ll be enjoying the panoramic views too. And surely they can’t wait to get to their rooms and head off onto the balcony and enjoy those views still further. Rooms with views. The hillside lift has another important function.

And for this purpose, the lift does not necessarily have to be fitted to a property on the hillside. It could just as well be in your own residential neighborhood. It is an upmarket or aged property with one or two stories. It’s just that the long-time occupants of the property have grown rather old. They’re no longer able to traverse the inside staircase like they used to. A good and practical idea for people who are physically challenged, wheelchair bound people.

hillside lifts

Many of these smaller lifts have chairs built into them. You just strap yourself in as you would before heading down the driveway in your car. Something else weird and wonderful about these lifts. Well and truly handy DIY guys, are there girls too, can install these lifts all by themselves.