Rid Your Property Using Natural Mosquito Repellents

Summer is one of the best seasons for most people who enjoy spending time outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. But, summer brings its fair share of nuisances as well. Mosquitoes are perhaps one of the biggest complaints about most of us.  Enjoying summer outdoors is not so simple when a mosquito problem affects your property.

Mosquitoes bite their victims and show no mercy as they attack in swarms. They need the victim’s blood to lay their eggs. They also need water. Even a tablespoonful of stagnant water can cause a mosquito problem.

So while you should ensure there is no standing water on your property to keep mosquitos at bay, several other natural treatment options exist that may rid your property of this annoying pest. Looking to try out a few natural repellents?

The essential oil of basil is one option that is said to ward off mosquitoes as well as other pests. Growing basil is easy and fun and provides you a fresh herb to use in the kitchen for cooking. So, don’t be shy and give basil essential oil a try if you want to get mosquitoes off your property.

Do you like plants? Want to try your hand at growing one or two? They make wonderful decorative items for any home. Several house plants repel mosquitoes, including rose-scented geraniums which contain citronellal and geraniol, both natural insect repellents. Lemon balm is another plant that may keep your house mosquito-free.

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When all else fails, you can get professional services instead. It is cheap to get mosquito control essex and leave the hard work to professionals who come equipped with the right pest control products to treat your home. They even guarantee your home will remain mosquito free after their services.